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Human Gross Anatomy (ANAT 500 - 8 hrs)
Structure and function of human body;emphasis on anatomical relationships and concepts and their functional significance; dissection required. Spring semester

Human Histology and Ultrastructure(ANAT 510 - 5 hrs)
Microscopic anatomy of human body; emphasis on relationships between structure and function of tissues and organs. Fall semester

Human Embryology (ANAT 520 - 2 hrs)
Prenatal human development; emphasis on correlation of normal development with development of common congenital malformations. Fall semester

Human Systems Neurobiology (ANAT 530 - 5 hrs)
Structure and function of the human nervous system; emphasis on neuroanatomical relationships of functional systems and neurobiological concepts of brain mechanisms. Spring semester

Human Systems Physiology (ANAT 540 - 4 hrs)
Physiology principles and mechanisms lectures will emphasize and correlate function with structure of cells, tissues and organ systems. Fall semester

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