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Graduate Education

The Center for Anatomical Science and Education offers graduate training for the Ph.D. in Anatomy and the M.S. (Research) in Anatomy.

Research Facilities
The Center's faculty are engaged in multidisciplinary research of biological structure and function with major interest in neurobiology. Other research interests include cell biology and pathobiology. Facilities are available for autoradiography, cell culture, electrophysiology, immunocytochemistry, microsurgery, and stereotaxic neurosurgery. The Center is equipped to perform optical imaging, including bright field, phase contrast, and fluorescent microscopy. State of the art transmission and scanning electron microscopy are also available.

Many of the graduates have received teaching awards and research honors. Four graduates became chairmen of anatomy departments (Alabama, Medical College of Virginia, South Florida, St. Louis), one became an Associate Dean of Medicine (Louisiana State U.) and one a Medical School Dean (New Mexico).

Please direct questions regarding the Graduate Programs in the Center for Anatomical Science and Education to:

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