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The Center for Anatomical Science and Education at Saint Louis University traces its roots through the former Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology to the founding of the American Association of Anatomists. The opening paper at the first annual meeting of the Association in 1888 was presented by August Bernays, who was a member of the Department at that time. Actually, the School was called the Marion-Sims-Beaumont College of Medicine until 1903 when it became the Saint Louis University School of Medicine. The Department of Anatomy was the first of the five original departments organized at the time Saint Louis University took over. The Chairmen of the Department of Anatomy have been:

Daniel M. Schoemaker, M.D.
1930-1946 (Anatomy)

Kermit Christensen, Ph.D.
1957-1962 (Acting)

Paul A. Young, Ph.D.
1969-1973 (Acting) 1973-2004

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