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Apr 11, 2012

John Tavis Selected for Prestigious Research Advisory Panel

Molecular Virologist to Serve on American Cancer Society Council on Extramural Grants



John Tavis, Ph.D.

ST. LOUIS - John Tavis, Ph.D., professor of molecular microbiology and immunology at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, will assume a four-year appointment to the American Cancer Society's Council on Extramural Grants in 2011.

The council evaluates grant applications that have been reviewed for scientific merit and determines which will receive funding. It also advises the leadership of the American Cancer Society on emerging research policy issues.

A basic scientist, Tavis conducts research on hepatitis B and C viruses, which are responsible for 75 percent of all liver cancers.

"My first research grant came from the American Cancer Society, when I was a brand new assistant professor here," Tavis said. "With this appointment, I've come full circle with the American Cancer Society."
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