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PhD Program

William S.M. Wold, Ph.D., Chairman of the Department
Graduate Program Directors:

John E. Tavis, Ph.D.
Lynda A. Morrison, Ph.D.
Richard J. DiPaolo, Ph.D.

The Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology (MMI) offers a program in molecular microbiology and immunology leading to the Ph.D. degree. The goal of the MMI graduate program is to graduate exceptionally well-trained researchers who are prepared for a career in academic science or biotechnology. Students with a bachelor’s degree enter the Program following successful completion of the year-long Basic Biomedical Sciences core program, which provides a strong foundation for specialization in microbiology and/or immunology. Students with master’s or doctoral degrees may petition for direct entry to the Program. Research in the Program is diversified. Areas of research emphasis include cell and molecular biology, virology, and immunology. Graduate training in the Program includes advanced coursework, training in scientific writing and oral presentation skills, and performance of original biomedical research leading to the Ph.D. Dissertation. Training in teaching skills is provided for students interested in an academic career.

Although each Ph.D. candidate will have a least one primary mentor, the responsibility for the education of each student ultimately lies with faculty of the Department as a whole.


A Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, master’s, or doctoral degree is required including course work in the biological sciences, organic chemistry, and mathematics.