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PhD Program

William S.M. Wold, Ph.D., Chairman of the Department
Graduate Program Directors:

H. Peter Zassenhaus, Ph.D.
Michael Green, Ph.D.
John E. Tavis, Ph.D.

The Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology (MMI) offers a graduate program in molecular microbiology and immunology leading to a Ph.D. degree.  Our goal is to graduate exceptionally well-trained professionals who possess the background and experience for a career in a research institution, academe, or biotechnology.  The Department reflects the strength and diversity of its faculty through a unifying focus of the study of host-pathogen interactions with areas of interest including: viral pathogenesis, immunology, vaccinology, biodefense, and cancer gene therapy.  Molecular and cellular biology along with genetics and animal models form the intellectual and technical basis for the research.

Although each Ph.D. candidate will have a least one major mentor, the responsibility for the education of each student ultimately lies with faculty of the Department as a whole.


Bachelor of Science or Masters degree is required including course work in physics, calculus, organic chemistry, and the biological sciences.


Full description of Ph.D. program requirements and course offerings can be found in the PDF file: SLU_MMI_phdprogram.pdf 

Interested applicants should apply through the Graduate Program in Biomedical Science.