Thomas Burris, Ph.D. (Pharmacology and Physiology) and John Walker, Ph.D. (Pharmacology and Physiology) were quoted about their research to capture some of the benefits of exercise in pill form on Life Science Daily.
Nickolas SteinauerNickolas Steinauer, an MD/PHD student in Dr. Jinsong Zhang's lab, won a Travel Award to attend the 2016 ASH Meeting on Hematologic Malignancies held in Chicago this September.

Nick's abstract was chosen as one of the top 6 abstracts for oral presentation at the meeting. He is currently supported by the T32 training grant in the Department. Congratulations, Nick!
ASH Meeting September 2016
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Ph.D. Students 1985-Present

Department of Pharmacological and Physiological Science
Graduates in the Ph.D. Program in Pharmacological and Physiological Science 1985-Present
NameFaculty AdvisorCurrent Position

Tamara Bowman - (2010)

John Chrivia

Gina Jakcson - (2010)

John Chrivia

Jesse Procknow - (2010)

Alan Stephenson Postdoc Fellow, Medical College of Wisconsin

Shaquria Adderley - (2010)

Randy Sprague Postdoc Fellow, Dept of Physiology, Brody School of Medicine

Sarah Burris - (2010)

Mark Knuepfer Postdoc Fellow, Dept of Pharm/Phys, Saint Louis University

Andrew Linsenbardt - (2010)

Heather Macarthur Postdoc Fellow, Div of Medicinal Chemistry and Natural products, College of Pharmacy, Iowa City, Iowa
Cara Lunn - (2010)
Joseph Baldassare Postdoc Fellow, Dept of Medicine/Oncology, Washington University

Gina Yosten - (2010)

Willis Samson Postdoc Fellow, Dept of Pharm/Phys Science, Saint Louis University

Meera Sridharan - (2010)

Randy Sprague Medical Student, completing M.D. part of M.D./Ph.D. program

Madelyn (Stumpf) Hanson - 2009

Randy Sprague Postdoc Fellow, Medical College of Wisconsin

Trent Moreland - 2009

Joseph Baldassare Postdoc Fellow, Department of Developmental Biology, Washington University

Angela LaMora - 2009

Mark M. Voigt Postdoc Fellow, Department of Biology, Washington University
Madeline M.F. Wong - 2008 John C. Chrivia Postdoc Fellow, Receptor Biology and Gene Expressioni National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health
Mirnela Byku - 2008 Thomas C. Westfall Medical Student completing M.D. part of M.D./Ph.D. program
Julie A. Schwartz - 2008 Mark M. Knuepfer Medical Student completing M.D. part of M.D./Ph.D. program
Timothy M. Doyle - 2008 Andrew Lechner Postdoc Fellow Internal Medicine, Division of Pulmonary, Saint Louis University
Laura L. Gorges - 2008 Joseph Baldassare Postdoc Fellow Pediatrics and Genetics, Stanford University
Leroy W. Wheeler - 2008 Joseph Baldassare Postdoc Fellow Internal Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology, Washington University
Johnnie M. Moore - 2008 Amy Harkins Postdoc Fellow Basic Medical Sciences University of Arizona, College of Medicine
Laura Jaeger - 2007 William Banks Postdoc Fellow Department of Neurology Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Matthew Ndonwi - 2006 S. Paul Bajaj Postdoc Fellow Internal Medicine Washington Univ.
Virginia E. Irintcheva - 2006 Joseph J. Baldassare Instructor Natural Sciences Black Hawk College Moline, IL
Sarah C. Kucenas - 2005 Mark M. Voigt Postdoc Fellow Biological Sciences Vanderbilt University
Donald D. Ruhl - 2005 John C. Chrivia Postdoc Fellow Molecular Biology & Genetics Cornell University
Amy E. Schmidt - 2005 S. Paul Bajaj Medical Student Completing M.D. part of M.D./Ph.D. Program
Scott D. Ochs - 2005 Heather Macarthur Postdoc Fellow Anatomy & Neurobiology Washington University
Jennifer L. (Losapio) Iverson - 2005 Alan H. Stephenson Postdoc Fellow Center for Inquiry into Science, Teaching & Learning Washington University
Kevin M. Gamber - 2005 Thomas C. Westfall Postdoc Fellow Endocrinology Harvard Medical School
Chandra M. Coleman - 2005 Wendi S. Neckameyer Manager Regional Scientific Services Allergan Medical Affairs Atlanta, GA
Nathan H. Lents - 2004 Joseph J. Baldassare Assistant Professor John Jay College of Criminal Justice City University of New York
Adepero S. Adewale - 2004 Thomas C. Westfall Medical Liaison Organon Pharmaceuticals St. Louis, MO
Sallee A. Eckler - 2004 Medha Gautam Medical Student Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Josephine Garcia-Ferrer - 2004 Alan H. Stephenson Postdoc Fellow Anesthesiology Washington University
Jeffrey J. Olearczyk - 2004 Randy S. Sprague Postdoc Fellow Vascular Biology Medical College of Georgia
Reema Goel - 2004 Joseph J. Baldassare Postdoc Fellow Blood Research Institute of Southeastern Wisconsin
Lacy L. Kolo - 2004 Heather Macarthur Patent Agent Patton Boggs, LLP McLean, VA
Derek V. Henley - 2004 Mary F. Ruh Postdoc Fellow Reproductive & Developmental Toxicology NIEHS
Melanie S. Berken - 2004 Andrew J. Lonigro Postdoc Fellow Blood Research Institute of Southeastern Wisconsin
Meghan Taylor White - 2003 Willis K. Samson Research Assist. Professor Pharm/Phys Sci. Saint Louis Univ
Tracy Maisel Bloodgood - 2003 Mark M. Knuepfer Quality Control Specialist Therapeutics Production & Quality St. Jude Children’s Hosp.
Susan M. Keenan - 2001 Joseph J. Baldassare Assistant Professor Natural & Health Sciences School of Biological Sciences Univ. of Northern Colorado
Richard C. D’Alonzo - 2001 Nicola C. Partridge Resident Anesthesiology Duke University
Medora M. Hardy - 2001 Andrew J. Lechner Sr. Research Biologist Arthritis & Inflammation Pharmacology Pfizer
John T. Swarthout - 2001 Nicola C. Partridge Postdoc Fellow Cell Biology & Physiology Washington Univ.
Polly J. Mason - 2000 Joseph J. Baldassare Research Associate Molecular Biology Case Western Reserve Univ.
Justin P. Meschler - 2000 Allyn C. Howlett Resident /Fellow Anesthesiology Johns Hopkins Univ. Baltimore, MD
William R. Haines - 2000 Terrance M. Egan Medical Scientist Medical Services Research & Development GlaxoSmithKline
Hobart W. Walling - 1999 Nicola C. Partridge Resident /Fellow Dermatology University of Iowa, Iowa City
Dan Hoang – 1999 Thomas C. Westfall Postdoc Fellow Drake Univ.Des Moines, IA
Robert Kirk DeLisle - 1999 Paul N. MacDonald Senior Research Scientist Array BioPharma Boulder CO
Sandra K. Winchester - 1999 Nicola C. Partridge Postdoc Fellow Pediatrics Washington Univ.
Troy A. Baudino – 1999 Paul N. MacDonald Assistant Professor Cell and Developmental Biology and Anatomy University of South Carolina
Dennis M. Kraichely - 1999 Paul N. MacDonald Research Scientist Expression Technologies/Pharmaceutical Development Centocor Inc., PA
Gonzalo E. Torres - 1999 Mark M. Voigt Assistant Professor Neurobiology Univ. of Pittsburgh
Trevor L. Tredway - 1998 Vincent B. Chiappinelli Fellow Emergency Medicine Dept. Pediatrics Saint Louis Univ. Medical School
Weimin Hu – 1998 Joseph J. Baldassare Mohs Surgeon and Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology University of Arizona, Tucson
Darren R. Tyson - 1998 Nicola C. Partridge Assistant Researcher Urology University of California, Irvine
Alice J.A. Gardner - 1998 Joseph J. Baldassare Assistant Professor Pharmacology & Toxicology Pharmaceutical Sciences Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, Worcester
Jason D. Weber - 1997 Joseph J. Baldassare Assistant Professor Internal Medicine Cell Biology and Physiology Washington Univ.
Sharon Bloch - 1997 Nicola C. Partridge Research Associate Radiology/ Radiation Sciences Washington University
Andrew R. Belt - 1997 Joseph J. Baldassare Research & Development Scientist Sigma Chemical Co.
Jaeyoung Yoon - 1997 Margery C. Beinfeld Dermatologist, St. Louis Dermatology & Surgery Center, St. Louis
Lilly (Lu) Xu - 1997 Mary F. Ruh Scientist Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism, Amgen Inc
Virginia E. Wotring - 1997 K.W. Peter Yoon Research Associate Vision Science Rresearch Center Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham
Gui Hua Cao - 1997 Thomas C. Westfall Pathologist St. Mary’s Health Center St. Louis, MO
Deborah L. Swope - 1997 John C. Chrivia Director Office of Fellows’ Career Development National Institutes of Environmental Health Science Research Triangle Park, NC
Laura A. (Jansen) McCullough - 1996 Thomas C. Westfall Acting Assistant Professor of Neurology University of Washington/Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center Seattle, WA
Mariette P. Baxendale - 1996 Mary F. Ruh Instructor Biology University of Missouri, St. Louis
A. Terrece Pearman - 1996 Nicola C. Patridge Cell Biologist Natural Products Systems Pharmaceuticals Salt Lake City, Utah
Patrick J. Mueller - 1996 Mark M. Knuepfer Research Assistant Professor Dalton Cardiovascular Res. Center Univ. of MO, Columbia
Chao Song - 1995 Allyn C. Howlett Resident Anesthesiology Boston Univ.
Robert T. Dunn - 1995 Mary F. Ruh Principal Scientist, Toxicology Amgen Inc Thousand Oaks, CA
Glenn Smits - 1995 Mark M. Knuepfer Program Director Interventional Medicine Charles River Labs Discovery & Development Services Worchester, MA
Terry Omura - 1994 Nicola C. Partridge Pediatrician Private Practice Salt Lake City, Utah
William Weaver - 1994 Vincent A. Chiappinelli Anesthesiologist Albemarle Anesthesia, PLC and Dept. of Anesthesiology Univ. of VA, Charlottesville
J. Christopher Stein - 1994 Mary L. Ellsworth Obstetrician/ Gynecologist Private Practice Springfield, MO
Lori McMahon - 1993 Vincent A. Chiappinelli Asst. Professor Physiology and Biophysics Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham
I. Lee Holt - 1993 Thomas C. Westfall Family Leave
Jason Viereck - 1992 Margery C. Beinfeld Instructor Neurology Boston Univ.
John Pawloski - 1992 Barry M. Chapnick Assistant Professor Internal Medicine Duke University
Debora DiMaggio - 1992 Thomas C. Westfall Research Scientist SmithKline Beecham King of Prussia, PA
Carrie Branch - 1992 Mark M. Knuepfer Research Advisor, Pfizer Drug Safety Research and Development
Margaret Wessels-Reiker - 1991 J. Randolph Strong Internist Internal Medicine Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Jane Turner -1991 Mary F. Ruh Assistant Professor Forensic Pathology Saint Louis Univ.
Xiaoli Chen – 1991 Thomas C. Westfall Sr. Research Scientist Johnson & Johnson
Judith Brog - 1991 Margery C. Beinfeld Family Leave
Donald Scott - 1991 Nicola Partridge Associate Professor Biochemistry Louisiana State Univ.
Yue Lin - 1990 Andrew J. Lechner Research Director Pharmacology FibroGen San Francisco, CA
Song Ping Han - 1990 Thomas C. Westfall Senior Scientist Bristol-Meyers Squibb
Eva Sorenson - 1990 Vincent A. Chiappinelli Associate Research Professor Pharmacology The George Washington Univ.
Paul Zanaboni - 1990 Robert O. Webster Assistant Professor Anesthesiology St. John’s Mercy Medical Center
Gary Bergfeld - 1989 Thomas Forrester Associate Professor Biological Science Webster Univ.
Anita Ciarleglio - 1989 Thomas C. Westfall President Ambulatory Care Consultants Kaiser Permanente, Hawaii
Michelle Russell - 1989 Allyn C. Howlett Researcher Health Science Research Mayo Clinic and University
William Devane – 1989 Allyn C. Howlett Assist. Professor Pharmacology and Toxicology Medical College of VA
Thomas Doyle – 1988 Thomas Forrester Radiologist Dugan-Carls Radiology St. Louis, MO
Anna Moudy – 1988 Michael B. Laskowski Deceased
Ruth (Birch) Clark - 1988 Maw-Shung Liu Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy Washington University
James Qualy – 1988 Thomas C. Westfall Research Consultant University of Miami
Faisal Mohammed - 1987 Maw-Shung Liu Associate Professor Physiology Univ. of Jordan
Mark Shanfeld – 1987 Cullie F. Funderburk Ophthalmologist Womack Eye Assoc. Bemidji, MN
Roberta Secrest – 1987 Barry M. Chapnick Scientific Communications Consultant Eli Lilly and Company
James Dixon – 1986 Thomas Forrester Chief Crew Technology Div. Brooks AFB
Helen McIntosh – 1986 Thomas C. Westfall Retired Community Volunteer Service
Paul Hale – 1986 Alphonse Poklis Assoc. Medical Director. Bristol-Meyers Squibb
Jeffery Keene – 1985 Thomas S. Ruh Scientist Kereos Inc
Eli Asem – 1985 Frank Hertelendy Professor of Molecular and Cell Physiology, Interim Dean, School of Veterinary Medicine, Purdue University
Alan Stephenson – 1985 Andrew J. Lonigro Research Professor Pharmacol/Physiol Sci. Saint Louis University
Mark Voigt – 1985 Thomas C. Westfall Professor Pharmacol/Physiol Sci. Saint Louis University
Katia Gysling - 1985 Margery C. Beinfeld Associate Professor Pharmacology Catholic Univ., Chile
Stuart Dryer - 1985 Vincent A. Chiappinelli John and Rebecca Moores Professor and Chair Biology & Biochemistry Univ. of Houston
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